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On our parent website, we have a large collection of blogs, information articles, artwork, poetry, and music to address a diverse array of experiences of loneliness and give you insight into your own loneliness.

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What is loneliness? Why do we feel lonely? What can I do to stop feeling lonely? Got questions? We have answers. Find out more about loneliness here.

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Think you are the only one that feels lonely? Think again. Take a look at our vast collection of loneliness artwork. See your loneliness reflected in the work of others

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The Web of Loneliness Institute provides this site as a support group for everyone, especially individuals who feel lonely. This is not a therapy site nor is it intended to provide professional counseling services. If you are in immediate crisis (including being suicidal) please seek crisis/emergency services available in your area (such as 911 or 999). We provide a supportive environment for everyone who would like to share about their experiences, support others, and make friends.