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A place for those who feel lonely, isolated, and alone to share with others.

Based on the website, Web of Loneliness, this network is a place for those who feel lonely, isolated, and alone to share with others.


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27 minutes ago
Colin replied to EmJay's discussion Hello!
"Hi EmJay, Sorry to hear it's not been possible to find a job, Scotland can be great in that rent is much cheaper than London but it's not easy finding work, A hidden barrier which can cause loneliness is the finances needed to do social…"
36 minutes ago

Steve V. left a comment for Anurag
"Hi Anurag, and welcome to WOL! You may like to visit our chat room so you can meet and chat with other members. We find comfort here in sharing our personal stories with each other in blogs, responding to discussions about all kinds of issues on the…"
1 hour ago
EmJay replied to Lucy's discussion I am so lonely and isolated, I have no idea what to do!
"Hi Lucy I've just joined this site today.  I totally understand how you feel about the loneliness and isolation.  I myself have no family, and only one friend whom I don't see often. Like yourself I've tried the online…"
1 hour ago
Anurag updated their profile
2 hours ago
EmJay replied to EmJay's discussion Hello!
"Hi, Thanks for your comment.  Yes, I do feel very isolated at the moment.  I also know how hard it can get with a disability - I have a sensory-neural hearing impairment.  It doesn't affect me physically, but it can get quite…"
2 hours ago
Katie and Sean Seepersad are now friends
2 hours ago
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2 hours ago
Janie commented on carmelia's group Encouragement
"What a lovely uplifting post Daisy.  Thank you so much x"
3 hours ago
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3 hours ago
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Grupe for those who love music. In this grupe we can share our favorite compositions.See More
4 hours ago

Steve V. replied to EmJay's discussion Hello!
"Hi EmJay, and welcome to the site! You do sound pretty socially isolated in your situation! I haven't worked since 1992 due to a disability, so I know how lonely it can get, not having a job to fill ones time, nor familiar people to interact…"
4 hours ago

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    Started by EmJay in Introductions. Last reply by Colin 36 minutes ago. 5 Replies

    Hello everyone!Joined because, well, it's lonely here!I'm from Scotland, and I'm really just looking for a place to chat and get to know others like me.Was made redundant late 2010 and haven't found a job since.I'm a single lady, 45 years old, only…Continue

    I am so lonely and isolated, I have no idea what to do!

    Started by Lucy in Introductions. Last reply by EmJay 1 hour ago. 4 Replies

    Hi all. I'm new here. I'm 42 years old. I have two kids but they have moved out and gone to university. I am single and I only really work one day per week other than doing a bit from home, so I hardly ever see anyone. I'm estranged from what little…Continue

    Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

    Started by Steve V. in Introductions. Last reply by Daisy 5 hours ago. 23 Replies

    I suspect many of our members on wol could be classified as Highly Sensitive People! I think I have been one of them for most of my life. It was certainly very challenging for me, growing up in a world of relatively insensitive people as a child,…Continue

    Crrippiling Loneliness at university

    Started by Ellie C in Introductions. Last reply by Hossam 20 hours ago. 1 Reply

    Hey everyone, I'm in my second year of university now and have the grand total of no friends. Where I used to live and go to school I always had people around. Since coming here, I've made friends for weeks at a time and then it just stops. We don't…Continue

    Tags: student, university


    Started by jemma in Introductions. Last reply by raj 23 hours ago. 7 Replies

    Hello folks I'm on here as I'm I read ably lonely I've been on my own for many years and have no one I feel isolated I find it hard to make friends I just needed a friend

    How do you trust again after opening your heart up completely and getting salted?

    Started by Ari in Introductions. Last reply by Ari yesterday. 2 Replies

    The only two girls I totally opened up to eventually burned me..My ex-wife of 15 years and my ex-girlfriend of 2 years.I don't think I'll be able to trust or love another for the rest of my days. Truly!!!!It isn't an easy thing to allow someone into…Continue

    Blog Posts

    what life?

    Posted by Julianna on November 23, 2015 at 9:15pm 2 Comments

    to be the wind..where every moment there is change

    to be the stars.. you decide whether or not if you want to shine

    to be love.. that is where warm lives and your heart grows big and strong

    but you? .. you will never…


    Just reflecting back!!! :)

    Posted by Niki on November 19, 2015 at 11:00pm 3 Comments

    Yes... we are all are nearing end of this year... just a thought! how about just thinking about the best lessons learned this year or may be great experiences of this year!! well i just gave it a thought yesterday!!! the year was not that great…


    On fighting loneliness and depression

    Posted by Steve V. on November 19, 2015 at 2:30pm 8 Comments

    In my continuing battle with loneliness and depression, occasionally I get a glimpse into a solution that seems to work for me.  I feel better for a day or two, but then I become re-entrenched in delusion, and I forget the key to my…



    Posted by Julianna on November 18, 2015 at 1:41am 0 Comments

    when you hear it in their voice

    when how they truly feel is so loud and clear

    when you wont admit it isn't love

    when you stay in the comfort of denial

    when you know you wont be missed

    when you figure out…



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